CEU Mountain Series 2020

CEU Mountain Series 2020

ATTENTION! Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the race in Czarna Gora was postponed to the following season in 2021. Therefore, the entire mountain serie is canceled this season. Participants in the race in Dolní Morava and Malino Brdo will receive finishing medals from the mountain series as originally planned. However, the evaluation of the mountain series is canceled this season!

This serie includes selected races organized by the CEU. Races selected to Mountain series have meet one basic criterion – minimal elevation at the race must be 1200 m. For season 2020 were selected just 3 Beasts as follows:

Czarna Gora Spartan BEAST – May 9th 2020 (PL)
Slovakia Spartan BEAST – Sep 19th 2020 (SK)
Dolni MoravaSpartan BEAST – Oct 24th 2020 (CZ)

All runners from Elite and Age Group and also from Open heats will receive a special Mountain localized medal instead of the classic Finish Medal at these selected races. Each medal will have its flag on the ribbon, the name of a specific race, and the colors will match that discipline. This will create a unique collection of 3 extraordinary medals that will never be repeated.

In order for a racer to qualify for the final rating in this series, it is necessary to take part in all 3 selected races from the above list.

The score achieved is determined according to standard procedures with pointing system. Runner with highest points number will win CEU Mountain Series.


Prizes for the best Elite and Age Group individuals athletes men/women from CEU Mountain Series 2020:

(prizes are brutto)


Total 60 people will be awarded from Age Group.


2020 Spartan CEU Mountain Series: 3 Races, 1 Champion


  • Czarna Gora PL
  • Slovakia SK
  • Dolni Morava CZ


  • Beast
  • Beast
  • Beast


  • 9/5
  • 19/9
  • 24/10



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