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Language of Contract: English

Valid: only for races and events organised by ADVENTURED SPORT EVENTS S.R.L.!

This General Terms and Conditions of Purchase contain the conditions of use of webshop. Technical information necessary for the use of the webshop not included in this General Terms and Conditions of Purchase shall be provided by additional information available in the webshop. By the use of the webshop Buyer shall acknowledge and accept the conditions included in this General Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

Seller Data
Name of Company: Adventured Sport Events S.R.L.
Location/ Mailing Address: Strada ZIDURi INTRE VII, Bucuresti, Romania 23321
Billing Address: street Drumul între Tarlale, no. 41C., office 24, floor 2, Bucharest, sector 3, Romania
Name of Representative: Martin Adam, administrator
E-mail Address:
Tax Number: 38866510
Company Registry Number: J40/2152/15.02.2018
Data Handling Registration Number: application in progress
Registration Authority: Office of the Trade Registry attached to the Bucharest Tribunal
Name of Storage Service Provider (SSP): On line system s.r.o.
Address of SSP: Vřesinská 280/20, Ostrava-Poruba, 708 00, Czech Republic
E-mail Address of SSP:

Conditions of Use, Purchase Process – Technical Steps

1. Search for Race, Registration Access
Buyer has the right to select the race he/she is interested in on our websites ( ) and to sign up for them (i.e. to purchase a ticket of participation) the following way: Buyer clicks on the selected race and in case he/she is willing to participate he/she enters the webshop operated by via clicking on the button: “REGISTER NOW”.

2. Registration
Buyer can register not only himself/herself, but also his/her team members for a given race. After providing the data necessary for the entry he/she can find a compilation about the entry fee, the insurance fee (the payment of this latter one is obligatory for all participants too) and the total sum of the invoice. At this point he/she can still modify, correct his/her order. The system automatically calculates the total sum at “Order Summary”.

3. Prices
Our prices are list prices in EUROS valid at the moment of order, which can be found on the website in the table of charges in connection with the given race, but information about them may be obtained from advertisements and other publications too. The registration fee can be paid in RON and in EUR. For Romanian racers the system converts the price in EUR to RON. For foreign competitors the registration shall use the price in EUR, i.e. in case they select other languages for registration offered by the system.

Discounts are valid in accordance with the registration table of charges shown on the website during registration until 11:59:59 pm on the given day as indicated on Sellers website ( In this case the registration takes place at a discount rate.

The prices indicated on our website are gross prices, which include the Value Added Tax. In case any errors or defects should occur in the webshop related to the registration system or there is a problem with the prices Seller reserves the right of correction. In such cases we shall inform Buyer about the new data immediately after recognising and correcting the error. Following that Buyer shall confirm the registration once again or there is a possibility for both parties to withdraw from the contract.

4. Submitting the Registration
In order to confirm the registration, enter the CAPTCHA code shown by the system, tick the box indicated for accepting the terms and conditions of the race then click on “Confirm registration”. Before placing your order, please read “Race Terms & Conditions” carefully. After the registration has been submitted and received we confirm the order via e-mail. The confirmation e-mail shall include the name and date of the race, the data provided during the registration, the registration fee, the selected payment method, the registration number of the competitor and the data necessary for payment in case of selecting bank transfer payment.

5. Processing Orders, Confirmation
Orders are processed within 48 hours. Seller shall confirm the order electronically in an automated message after receiving it.

6. Payment Methods

Buyer can either pay via bank transfer (1) or with a credit/debit card (2) in our webshop.

(1) Information on bank transfer payment: payment from a bank account via bank transfer, during which Buyer pays following the confirmation of the registration, but within 2 calendar days the latest. Buyer shall transfer the registration fee to the bank account number sent in the confirmation e-mail in accordance with the details included in the e-mail.

(2) Information on credit/debit card payment: in case of payment via the credit/debit card system of the webshop the customer shall receive a record on the accepted payment immediately. Buyer may either use the credit/debit card, wire transfer according to information from registration email or PayU internet payment possibility.

7. Conclusion of Contract
The conclusion of the contract takes place when (1) the registration fee has arrived to the bank account of Seller (in case Buyer pays via bank transfer) and Seller has confirmed the payment electronically or (2) Buyer pays with his/her credit/debit card and Seller has confirmed the payment electronically. After the registration sum has arrived the order shall be considered as an electronically concluded contract, which is subject to Law no. 365/2002 on electronic commerce, on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society related services and which Seller shall register, preserve and make subsequently accessible until the termination of the webshop. After receiving confirmation email about payment the contract can be concluded, in Romanian and English (but the registration can be done in Hungarian, Romanian, English, Czech, Slovakian and Polish language; selection is made available in the upper right corner of the registration page). The webshop shall not enter into a contract with minors. Buyer declares that he/she is an adult by accepting the sales conditions.
The contract shall fall within the scope of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 on the detailed rules for contracts concluded between consumers and enterprises and shall comply with the regulations included in Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on consumer rights.

8. Use of Registration
Seller and the persons entered by him/her have the right to take part in the given race in the wave determined at the registration after the receipt of the e-mail message confirming registration payment.

9. Invoice, Receipt
In case Buyer needs an invoice with different billing details (e.g. to the name of a sports club) he/she has to indicate it during the registration at “Company Information” or on e-mail address as well as the registration number/numbers and the billing details shown in the order will be necessary for the invoice.

Withdrawal of Purchase
In accordance with Government Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 Buyer shall not have the right of withdrawal or cancellation, because the registration (the admission ticket) is valid for a given date. In this case Buyer shall not have the right either to redeem the registration or to get a reimbursement for the value of the registration (the only exception is when the event is cancelled).
Only purchase of tickets is possible via the system; booking or reservation of tickets is not possible. Buyer shall purchase the tickets by entering the necessary data and by providing the card details on the bank interface, which shall either be successfully accepted by the bank or the bank shall transfer the purchase price in case of a bank transfer payment. In accordance with the above purchase may not be modified, cancelled or withdrawn in case of tickets valid for a given date!

Protection of Personal Data

Seller has the right to electronically store and process all client data for the purpose of the contract in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act.

Seller shall handle personal data of Buyer in order to fulfil his/her obligations towards Buyer, especially concerning acceptance, his/her registration, notice on the registration, invoicing, contact making with Buyer related to the processing of the registration and handling of complaints as well as sending newsletters and advertising messages if Buyer gives his/her consent. Seller shall hereinafter store personal data for the benefit of Buyer for further processing of registrations in order to enhance the convenience in connection with further registrations with the help of a pre-filled order form. Seller shall be liable not to use Buyer’s personal data for other purposes as well as not to disclose it to any third parties.

Seller shall handle Buyer’s personal data within the following framework: Name, date of birth, address, e-mail address, phone number, t-shirt size, name and phone number of person to be notified in case of an accident.
In case Buyer has asked for the current offer information of Seller by ticking the corresponding box, those will be sent to the e-mail address provided by Buyer.

Buyer gives his/her consent for the handling of his/her personal data in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions by ticking the corresponding box. Buyer gives this consent to Seller until withdrawal, but for a 10-year period the most.

Buyer may ask for the modification or deletion of his/her personal data in a written form by e-mail sent to address (in Romanian or in English). Deletion takes place within one month of confirmation. In case tax records including personal data (e.g. invoices) have been made in the accounting system, those data cannot be deleted because of the archiving obligation required by law.

Handling of Complaints
Buyer may submit his/her complaint in a written form, by e-mail sent to (in Romanian or in English). Buyer is liable to provide his/her record of payment of registration to Seller and to name exact facts during the validation of his/her complaint.

Seller shall process the complaint immediately; or in more complex cases within 3 workdays from the submission of the complaint; or in appropriate cases (especially when complex solutions are needed) within 30 days the most from the submission of the complaint. Seller shall inform consumer about the processing of the complaint via phone or e-mail. Starting the handling of complaint cannot take more 30 days from the receipt. After the handling period of the complaint has been over consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract.

Our staff strives to solve all occurring problems as soon as possible. In case you had any problems with our company, our webshop or your order, please contact via e-mail address.

All questions not regulated by this agreement shall be governed by the Romanian Civil Code.

Parties in contract hereto agree that any occurring disputes shall be settled amicably or if that ends without any effectual result, litigations will be settled by the competent Romanian courts in Bucharest.

Thank you for reading this information!